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Conversation Skills and Autism

Teaching conversation Skills to Children with Autism. Wow today we are ecstatic parents of a child with Autism! For quite a number of years I have been working on Isybees conversation skills. She has a great grasp on vocabulary and … Continue reading

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Autism Awareness Month

April is Autism Awareness Month It is Autism Awareness Month and it is staggering the number of children being diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum of Disorders, at the moment 1 in 88 children are being diagnosed and 1 in 54 … Continue reading

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Autism Recovery and the Power of Thought

The Stresses of Autism For parents out there that are new to Autism Spectrum Disorders and have just had your child diagnosed, the impact of realisation can be quite traumatic, however things could be worse – much worse. For parents … Continue reading

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Scotson Technique Can Help Children With Autism.

Help is needed with research by parents of children in the Autism Spectrum of Disorders. Please help and complete the survey below, there is no personal or sensitive information gathered in this survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/autism1. Linda Scotson (The Scotson Technique) is … Continue reading

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Recovery from Autism Spectrum Disorders

Recovery from Autism is not a Dirty Word After reading many posts in forums and groups it seems that there are Doctors, individuals and communities out there that actually frown on the word “Recovery” when in reference to Autism Spectrum … Continue reading

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