Clubs for People with Autism & Special Needs

Finding the right Club can be a tricky task

Clubs for people with Autism
We recently came across an excellent website while searching for social clubs for children with Autism and Special needs. Isybee is now of an age where she enjoys socialising and dancing with other children of her age so we started to look for clubs that might cater for her.

The website is called Club Search and it has an enormous amount of club listings from all over Australia.

There is a category for just about every type of club you could think of and you can search by Location, Category or Keywords. The search results come up with a Google Map to show the address and how to get there from your current location.

Each listing has user reviews and photos so you can get some idea of what the club is like and the Club listing owners can also post events and information which can be viewed by the public.

On our search journey we came across a Club for Isybee under the category “Social Clubs” called Friends for Life unfortunately the Club does not have a website, however they are listed on the ClubSearch website with information and photos just as if it was their own website.

If it hadn’t been for the listing on ClubSearch we may never have come across this fantastic Social Club which caters for People with Disabilities Families Carers and friends. The Club meets every month and they have a variety of activities and events.

So if you live in Adelaide and would like to join the Friends for Life Club get in touch with them from the link above, it is highly recommended.

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