Autism – Evolution in the Making.

Autism Evolution in the making
Could Autism ASD be Human Evolution in the making?
Autism awareness month is April, so I thought we would post something which would possibly raise some eyebrows about the subject of Autism Spectrum Disorders and Evolution.

I have always had an outside way of thinking and always look far beyond into a subject of interest particularly if it is a puzzle as to how or why.

Sometimes my mind drifts and I get to thinking crazy ideas or theories on humanity and where it is going.

I believe to some point in the Darwin theory of evolution, however I do not believe that we know the full story; there are too many gaps!

Every now and then I get to thinking on the subject of why there is such a massive increase in the number of diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorders. Particularly when I read or see something on the subject. There is the fact that there is more awareness and better methods of diagnosing, however that may account for some of the increase, but not all.

The latest statistics report that Autism is the second most prevalent neuro-developmental disorder among children. In the United States, the estimated prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is 1 per 88 children and it seems it is steadily increasing! Could we be seeing evolution in the making?

Humanity has evolved on the principle of survival of the fittest. The world we live in is changing at a rapid pace and the skills needed to survive are forever changing with it. We now look after the sick and disabled and so the traditional “survival of the fittest” does not necessarily apply as we know it.

In our modern complicated and crowded world stress is the number one killer, and so in order for our human race to survive the theory of evolution would determine that we would need to be able to change the one human factor that is in no doubt heading us toward our demise – EMOTIONS!

The one thing I have noticed about most if not all children within the Autism Spectrum Disorder is that they are generally happy and they do not think about the past or worry about the future, they live in the moment. Yes they can tend to get frustrated and even have meltdowns but that is only because they can not express themselves or communicate in a way that we “non Autistic” persons can understand. (By the way I believe that we all have Autism just the amount varies).

This could be the very early sorting out of a new future human being that will in fact be logical focussed, intelligent and not be ruled by emotions. (A bit like the Vulcans in Star Treck).

As far as I can see that might not be a bad thing and it could mean the turn around of human society that we all know is needed in order to survive!

Evolution always progresses on a mutation of some kind in order to overcome an obstacle which may inhibit our survival. Could Autism be one of these mutations which at the present is sorting itself out to become the new human?

One thing is for sure, if humanity does not change there will be no humanity in the future!

Something to think about!

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