Recovery from Autism Spectrum Disorders

Recovery from Autism is not a Dirty Word

Recovery From Autism is Possible

All you need is fun! - well almost

After reading many posts in forums and groups it seems that there are Doctors, individuals and communities out there that actually frown on the word “Recovery” when in reference to Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Well everyone is entitled to their opinion but a little open mindedness and and a good look at the world and what others are achieving might be in order here, particularly for those in the medical profession.

We are Resilient Physical Beings

It is those exact closed minds that inspired people such as the Kaufmans – SON-RISE, many other families and individuals, and ourselves to pursue what we KNOW we can achieve – recovery from Autism!

It is quite amazing when you think about it, how resilient the physical human is. There are countless factual stories of survival and recovery in some of the most gruelling circumstances. One book that inspired us and I believe many others as well is a book titled “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Viktor E Frankl. If you will ever only read one book in your life I would recommend this one. It is without a doubt one of the finest examples of what a human being can go through and survive.

It is at a spiritual level and the power of the mind that allows us to achieve such amazing feats, the rest is just a biological suit that we occupy and must control in this physical world. Unfortunately the western medical world has by in large forgotten that most powerful source of healing – or have they?

Unfortunately our society does rely heavily on our medical “experts” for our health and well-being, and it is unfortunate that doctors today in the western world practice what I refer to as “Band-aid Medicine” where drugs are prescribed just to cover up symptoms but they don’t actually tackle the root cause of the problem. However, unbeknown to those doctors, they may be actually practising spiritual or holistic healing, only they don’t know it!

Mind over Matter over Autism

The placebo effect! Science proving that the mind plays a bigger part in our health than we would like to give it credit for. I am sure that most times when a GP prescribes drugs for a condition it is largely the mind that is doing the repairs, with the drug aiding at a cellular level, and possibly, without them realising, at a spiritual level, by making the patient believe that this drug will fix them.

Granted that this is my opinion only, and there will be many that disagree with me, but that is ok, there has to be contrast in order for ideas to progress and to know! However the point I am trying to make here is that our minds and our spiritual energy are what really controls every aspect of our physical being and recovery from Autism is deifinately acheivable.

There is no doubt that at a cellular level there are natural and man made elements that enhance and or destroy our physical structure. Many of these elements we find in nature and there are many ancient “medical” practices that utilised these for health and well being. I always thought that the Chinese had it pretty much right, with the combination of :

~ mental and physical balance, natural herbs, and acupuncture ~

Unfortunately in our “westernised” fast lane life we have left all those “old remedies” behind and largely choose to go for the “fast band-aid” approach while making drug companies mega rich.

Make no mistake however that western surgical practices and techniques certainly have gone a long way to increase our life spans, and the quality of life for many with diseases and disabilities. But wouldn’t it be a better idea to look at the root cause and stop those diseases and disabilities from manifesting in the first place!

How can a Person Recover From Autism?

Back to the subject – a person can recover from an Autism Spectrum Disorder. And there is certainly evidence out there to back this statement up! The body is an amazing organism but our spiritual being is an even more amazing force. Together they are what makes us who we are, and together they give us the ability to “recover”.

Recovery from Autism Pets are great therapy for children

All you need is LOVE! and Fun!

  • The brain can heal itself by re-mapping certain functions to other parts of the brain.
  • Bio-Medical supplements can help repair and rebalance our physical structure at a cellular level.
  • Specific, targeted education like ABA and DTT can overcome the impaired learning.
  • And most importantly a happy loving environment where the child feels that pure energy of complete unconditional love. This will will be the main factor in the recovery process with all the rest being merely an aide!

My definition of recovery from Autism would be: that our daughter will able to be independent and that she will be able to function and be happy and loved in our society. That is my aim, and that is the mental picture I imagine every day and I KNOW we will acheive!

~ “Thought and Imagination are without doubt our most powerful tools we mere mortals posses!” ~

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