Autism Recovery and the Power of Thought

Fun in the Sun - Fun helps to recover from Autism

Having fun in the sun!

The Stresses of Autism

For parents out there that are new to Autism Spectrum Disorders and have just had your child diagnosed, the impact of realisation can be quite traumatic, however things could be worse – much worse.

For parents out there with children on the Autism Spectrum that have been struggling to keep some semblance of sanity with years of therapies, supplements and lifestyle change, there is hope!

For anyone having to deal with caring for a child within the Autism Spectrum of Disorders, don’t be disheartened, there are many, many other persons in the same or similar boat – you gotta have faith!

Possibly the worse thing you can do for your Autistic child is panic, stress and be unhappy. I know this is easier said than done, but it is something you have to keep in mind, it is something you have to be very aware of if you want a good outcome for your situation.

What you Think is What You Get

There is no doubt that what you think, your thoughts, manifest into your reality, like it or not! Your mood or emotions affect the choices you make and ultimately the path you take! Everything that has happened to you in your life is a result of the choices you have made – you can not blame anyone or anything else!

When you think about the bad things in your life, when you see only the negative and complain, blame and are ungrateful for what you do have, it has exponential repercussions that you may not be aware of. Not only does it affect your chemical balance in your body and cause disease and illness within yourself but it also affects those around you, particularly children with Autism as they are not aware of problems and associated emotions, they do however pick up very strongly on our vibes and this affects their ability to recover.

Resilient Biological Beings

The human body is an extremely resilient biological being it has been proven over countless events and stories of survival. The number one factor in how our biological beings cope with extreme circumstances is how our minds react. Our minds control every chemical reaction in our bodies, from how our digestive system works down to how effective our immune system is and beyond.

There is no doubt that supplements and bio-medicine do aid in restoring the balance in our biological beings, however it is merely an aid, the most important factor affecting our health and the health and recovery of our children within the Autism Spectrum is how we and they feel mentally and spiritually.

The Happy Autism Carer

Ok, enough of the cause and effect! As a parent or carer of an Autistic (ASD) child or person, what can we do in order to make light of our situation, be happy balanced human beings and increase the odds of our child or person recovering from Autism Related Disorders?

  • Have a little Faith

    Have faith! You don’t have to be religious to have faith, you can believe in and pray to, whatever god or universal force you fancy! It is the having faith that works, because it gives your thoughts purpose, strength and focus and this in turn will inspire you to take a course of action which will have positive results.

  • Aim for Goals

    Have goals, having goals gives you something to focus on, however don’t be disappointed if you don’t reach the goal to your expectations, instead be grateful for any progress you make, the goal is there to focus your direction.

  • Powerful Tools for Achievement

    Pray, meditate, daydream, whatever you want to call it. See your life the way you want it, ask for guidance and know that you can get there. Thought and will are extremely powerful tools for achieving. Put it this way, the car you drive and the computer you use all started out in someone’s imagination, their will is what bought upon action and their faith in knowing they could achieve these things is what made it all come to fruition.

  • The Fun Side!

    Have fun! The number one rule in healing and well being – HAVE FUN!!! Try to see the light (or bright) side of life, it puts the mind at the right vibration to attract more of the same.

  • All You Need is Love

    Unconditional LOVE! Just as important as having fun is to love unconditionally. All those around you, in your life and particularly your child with or without a disability. Treat all your children with the same love and respect and you will have many rewards.

Free – Natural – Achievable

Just with these free, natural and achievable, methods you can improve the odds of your child or person with a disability or in the Autism Spectrum of Disorders to recover and to be a healthy, happy, independent human being.

© 2011, EJ Banon. All rights reserved.

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