How To Teach a Child With Autism Math and Numeracy

Teach a Child with Autism Math and Numeracy with an Apple ipad and a Number Line

Teaching maths to a child with Autism Spectrum Disorders or special needs can be a difficult task, however if you can find a way to teach them that is fun for the child and yourself then it can be much easier.

There are certainly many methods and teaching aids to teach an Autistic child basic adding and subtraction. One method we have used in the therapy room is using small coloured discs as digits so the child can add them or subtract them accordingly, this also works for basic multiplication and division by grouping the discs.

Another fun way for children to learn addition and subtraction is with a number line. See the video for a demo of a number line.

We recently purchased an Apple ipad for Isy, as an educational tool and teaching aid as well as for entertainment. We were recommended the Apple ipad and some Apps by her speech and occupational therapist, as well as having one in her classroom at her special education school, so we took the plunge and never looked back.

One App in particular which Isy has taken a liking to and I must admit we enjoy as well is called – Math Bingo, it is available through the Apple iTunes store for $1.19 and it’s worth every cent.

The object of the game is to select the correct answer for the sum and try and get the answers into a continuous row a soon as possible to score bingo (just like real bingo). The game has some cute looking bugs called “bingo bugs” they are animated with entertaining sounds which the kids love. You can select addition, subtraction, multiplication and division or a mixture of all four.

Once bingo is scored they can select to play again or play one round of “bingo bug bungee” where they launch a bug into some disks to score points. The bingo bug bungee also teaches them the basics of geometry and is great fun for (young and old). See the video for a demo.

This is just one method we have found of teaching a child with or without special needs some basic math and numeracy skills. The Apple ipad has many great Apps that can be used as teaching aids and educational sources for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, special needs or no special needs. There is even a Special Education section in the Apple iTunes store, with literally heaps of Apps covering all aspects of education and social skills building, as well as particular Apps for persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders, check it out!

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