How To Teach a Child with Autism using ABA Techniques.

How to teach a child with Autism using ABA techniques and the power of positive re-enforcement (Video).

Liz has been home tutoring our daughter with Autism – Isy for just over ten years now. She uses a combination of techniques and methods including ABA, Lovaas method and Discrete Trial Teaching as well as some techniques she picked up in the SON RISE program in the USA and from various other books and seminars on teaching children within the Autism Spectrum of Disorders.

In that time Liz has accumulated an enormous amount of resources and teaching aids which she uses with Isy as well as other Autistic children she works with. We also have student and volunteer therapists that also use the resources and teaching aids Liz has developed when they work with Isy at home. We have compiled a wide assortment of these resources and they are available online at:

As mentioned in other previous posts, the power of positive re-enforcement and to have fun while learning are just as bigger part ,if not bigger, as the learning material itself. A child that has fun and is confident while learning will always learn well and excel.

Below is a video of Liz doing some recent table top work with Isy, using the methods and techniques she has studied and researched over the years, such as ABA, Discrete Trial Teaching, SON RISE, and some she has thought up herself.

The video shows a brief version of just some of the many drills and games to give some idea of type of resources and techniques / methods Liz uses, prepares and teaches for her own use and for other therapists and children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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