New Autism and Special Schools Directory

Autism Special Schools Online Directory

New Autism and Special Schools Directory

We constantly see posts in Autism related forums about people searching / researching for Special Schools and Schools that cater for Autsim or ASD children. There is certainly schools out there that cater for children who are with the Autism Spectrum of Disorders and or Special education needs however finding them can be tricky and at times elusive.

Today we are launching a new initiative to possibly make that task easier, it is an Online Autism and Special Needs Schools Directory.

We Need Your Help

This is an Autism community aided project to compile a complete list of Autism and Special Needs Schools in Australia and hopefully World Wide – eventually!

It certainly is a big task but if everyone pitches in by adding a Special School, or Mainstream School Unit, that cater for Autism and Special Needs, that they know of or have experience with this list will be able to help other families and individuals who are researching where to place their children in the school system.

The aim is to eventually have a complete and comprehensive list for reference by anyone who is looking for information on Special Schools or Mainstream School Units that cater for children with Autism, PDD or Special Education needs.

So please help make this directory a valuable resource that can help someone else!

Here is a link to the directory:
Autism and Special Schools Directory

Here is a link to Add a listing to the Directory:
Add a Listing to the Autism and Special Schools Directory

Many thanks from us and the ASD community!

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