Autism School for Adelaide

Autism School for Adelaide – Parents seeking financial backers.

Proposed Autism School for Adelaide

For sale Quality Education Facility - photo courtesy of Brock Harcourts

The Adelaide Autism community is seeking to buy an education facility in the Adelaide Southern suburbs to develop a parent run, best practice, ASD therapy clinic and ASD Remedial Education Facility, similar to other Autism / ASD education facilities found in other Australian states such as:

Adelaide is severely lacking in any formidable schools for children in the Autism Spectrum of Disorders (ASD) and would greatly benefit from having an education facility to specifically cater for for the ever increasing population of Autistic / ASD children.

Daryl and Rosina – Parents to 9yo ASD boy are heading a group of Adelaide parents to buy a very suitable education facility in the Southern suburbs – Click here to view, however they are in need of financial backing to be able to make their and many other parents aspirations come to fruition and get a much needed Autism School up and running in Adelaide.

“What would be fantastic is to have entrepreneurs like Australian of the year Simon McKeon in assisting in purchasing this $1.5M school
It would be ideal to have 15 Families to keep individual costs down to be able to purchase this already-made school ($1.5m) and turn it into a Specialist Autism Education Facility. However, right now we need to avail ourselves of some sincere, social entrepreneurs to help with financial start-up assistance.”

Parents of Autistic children have an ongoing battle to get their children suitably educated. The current choices in Adelaide are either Special Schools, Mainstream Schools or Home Schooling. Each has it’s advantages and disadvantages but most tend to have outweighing disadvantages.

To be able to have a dedicated Autism school for ASD children in Adelaide would definitely be a great weight off many Autism affected parents in Adelaide.

So if you have a BIG generous heart and a cheque book to match we would certainly like to hear from you.

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