With Me – a Message From an ASD Child.

insight poem from child with autism
For my beautiful Son Ben, who I treasure and learn from every day, from your Mum , Trish.

An Insight From an Autism Spectrum Disorder Child

    You don’t need to put yourself in my shoes,
    Just know that I wear different shoes.

    You don’t need to feel sad that life seems harder for me,
    Just know that my challenges are different to yours.

    You don’t need to worry that I can’t do things like you,
    Just know that my abilities are different to yours.

    You don’t need to look down on me or pity me,
    Just accept me as I am and that I am an individual.

    You don’t need to see me as disabled,
    Just know that in so many ways we are not really so different.

    You don’t need to think I always need to be helped,
    Just be there when I need to ask for it, and enjoy life with me.

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