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Autism Spectrum Disorders and Puberty

Explaining Physical and Emotional Changes At some stage your child within the Autism Spectrum of Disorders will reach puberty. It can be a difficult time for a child and parents of a child without a disability, and so for a … Continue reading

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Coping with Autism Spectrum Disorder Meltdowns and Behaviours

What is an Autism Related Meltdown? A child with Autism can be very prone to meltdowns in public and unfamiliar places. Meltdowns can be described as a tantrum or fit of rage as the child may be confused or stressed … Continue reading

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Autism Recovery and the Power of Thought

The Stresses of Autism For parents out there that are new to Autism Spectrum Disorders and have just had your child diagnosed, the impact of realisation can be quite traumatic, however things could be worse – much worse. For parents … Continue reading

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